Thursday, August 21, 2014

How About You Do This Chicago

We were all told the story of how it was Rahm's dream to be mayor of Chicago. The mystery is, why? His policies have shown that he doesn't really like the place, or at least most of the people who live there.
New poll numbers out from the Chicago Tribune suggest a mayoral race featuring incumbent Rahm Emanuel and teachers union president Karen Lewis would be a close one. It gives Lewis a slim 4 percent lead.

It also suggests that Mayor Emanuel's approval rating is falling sharply, currently at 35 percent which is down from 50 percent a little more than a year ago, with more than half of city voters disapproving of how the mayor handled his first term.

A 4 point lead for an unannounced candidate against an incumbent mayor with high name recognition and national media fluffing might be slim, but it's also a big deal.