Wednesday, August 27, 2014

That'll Fix Everything

As I've written a million times, I don't have any problem with legalized gambling, it's just absurd that politicians think it's going to "revitalize" anything. Provide nice things for residents. Make your city a nice place to live. Clean the damn streets. That'll revitalize things. Places for tourists to drive in and drive out of, or for local gambling addicts to light their money on fire, are not going to do it.
The inside of the new Horseshoe casino looks like any gambling palace on the Las Vegas Strip, filled with blinking slot machines, blackjack tables, cocktail waitresses and crystal chandeliers.

But one glimpse of the Royal Farms convenience store across the street is enough to remind you: This is not the Bellagio. This is Baltimore.

For the record, there is a convenience store across the street from the Bellagio (what the fuck?).