Friday, September 05, 2014

Is It Still The Most Fun Time Of Year?

Local NPR pledge drives always irk me because there's so much smugness. You know, you dear listeners are the bestest and smartest and you prove that by listening to the bestest and smartest station, NPR, and also by giving to our station which pays half a million+ to its chief.

The blog has been good to me financially over the years. A pretty good gig. In the salad days I didn't put out the begging bowl, because advertising did pretty well. It still does ok. And reader generosity has made up the difference. We're in the phase of the internet ad cycle where companies believe the most annoying browser freezing ads are the best way to sell their products. I don't want to run those (yes I know there are occasional autoplay ads which shouldn't happen and which I try to kill any time I see them).

But no smugness. If you've got a bit to spare, and have some fun here, consider a wee donation.