Monday, November 10, 2014

Did The Grifters Go Too Far

The testing is there to make testing companies get rich and to provide an excuse to turn schools in to for profit charters.
In Gainesville, one kindergarten teacher, Susan Bowles, explained to parents on her Facebook page that she would refuse to give state-ordered diagnostic reading tests. The kindergartners were obligated to take the tests one by one on a computer. After the first go-round, Ms. Bowles calculated it would eat up three weeks of teaching time.

Her public stance galvanized even more parents and educators. Not long after her posting, Ms. Stewart, the education commissioner, suspended that particular test for younger pupils. Parents and teachers across the state began to air their grievances, detail by detail.

Everybody "knows" urban schools are hopeless and there's nothing to be done so shut up, but make this stuff universal...