Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Cat Soup

I get pretty amused by the regular appearance of "cats are murderous sociopaths!" articles. I have no interest in the dogs vs. cats vs. nothing argument. Like dogs? Great! Like cats! Great! Think having animals in the house is disgusting? Great! Personal preference is allowed.

I've had cats most of my life. Some have been a bit feral - they started life as barn cats or similar. Some have just been weirdo jerks. And some have been as affectionate as people imagine dogs are. One of my current cats spends most of the day trying to sleep between me and my laptop (and I let him succeed most of the time). The other runs up to bed at night as soon as I do and stays there most of the night.

Anyway, the point is that the little murderous sociopaths do a pretty good job of pretending they like to be around me, even when I don't have the can opener handy.