Monday, March 16, 2015

If They Get That Wrong

I used to look forward to my weekly Economist subscription delivery. I'd generally take it to my local coffee and bagel shack for Sunday brunch and read through it. Then I got a bit smarter and started to notice that they were often way wrong (not I disagree with, just totally wrong) on things I knew about, which presumably meant that they were completely bonkers on things I didn't know much about. You know, if they can't even get America right, how can they know a damn thing about Zimbabwe?

I'm not sure how offensive I'd rate this cover, but at the very least it's completely stupid. The Latino world is very large and diverse, Latino immigrants to the United States are a very large and diverse bunch, and especially referring to them as "chilies in the mix" is profoundly stupid. Offensive, yes, but really just ignorant.