Thursday, March 19, 2015


What's it like to live like this?
Michael's maternal grandparents said the day prior to the shooting, they brought gun locks over for Michael's father because they say he often left guns out in the presence of their grandchild.

"He told me he would never put those on his personal firearm because he needs those for protection. And I said, 'What about Michael?' He said, 'Michael won't touch it.' Michael didn't deserve to be shot and it was the irresponsibility and the stupidity of one person," Faith Thayer, Michael's grandmother, said.

Do people who don't live in war zones really believe they need "protection"? I mean, I guess I know the answer. My experience with gun nuts is that they dream of their vigilante moment. But, you know, if you want that moment so badly maybe don't live in Lake Stevens, WA?

(via Kagro, who is on the Responsible Gun Owner beat).