Friday, April 17, 2015

Let Them Dumpster Dive

I know its standard blogger lingo to refer to Simpson-Bowles as the 'catfood commission' and to portray efforts to cut Social Security as a desire to put granny on a Meow Mix diet, but the truth is that catfood is expensive! It's really a plot to turn granny into a dumpster diver, to make her fight with the squirrels for discarded fried chicken from Popeye's (yes, the local squirrels do, in fact, sit on my back porch and eat fried chicken).

Few people have pensions or significant retirement accounts. Plenty of people, especially those with jobs that actually require physical labor, can't possibly be expected to be able to work until 69, or hold onto those jobs even if they are able.

I think that as a basic minimum, the majority of people in the very wealthy Greatest Country In The History Of The World should not have to worry about living lives of destitution and misery once they are unable to work. We are moving away from that goal.