Monday, May 04, 2015

In A Nutshell

Parking problems.
Do your customers usually drive here?

We have a lot of customers that drive from out of town. People who used to come here as a kid, or met their wife here, and now they live in New Jersey or the suburbs. The parking situation is getting crazy. People run in to pick up a pie and get a $20 or $30 parking ticket. I can’t park, myself. I park four blocks away.

Do you live far away?

Not really. I should walk. Or ride a bike! I go to the gym at Fourth and Bainbridge and I just saw the city built a thing where you put money in and pick up a bike. Bike rentals. They’re nice bikes, too, with a basket to carry things in. Maybe I should do that here, get a bike station out front.

I get that business owners at times have specific parking needs, but four blocks is not far. You can park. Just a few blocks away. You can also walk. You can also take public transit, as this part of town is pretty well-served by it (depending on which way you are going admittedly).

If people are getting tickets because they're running in to pick up a pizza, it means they're parking in a very illegal spot. Probably in front of a hydrant, or in a spot which blocks a bus.