Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lon Gisland

I'm not exactly uninterested in the ways the Clintons have earned their money, but they get scrutiny for the ways they spend it in the way that no Republican candidate ever does.

Bush had his Crawford Ranch, the "Western White House," which was sold 5 seconds after it ceased to be a prop. Back in the day it was a big deal that ZOMG the Clintons vacationed in Martha's Vineyard!!! Whatever else one can say about them, they really didn't have any money when Bill was president (not President Level money). The Vineyard is a weird place, not cheap in season, but not really the luxury resort the press likes to pretend it is. Clinton didn't have a vacation home and the Vineyard is a pretty easy place for the Secret Service to deal with security. Also, too, long time vacation place for relatively well-off African-Americans, which makes it elitist because reasons.

Post-presidents need a place that allows for relative privacy and security. I don't really know why most of the people who go to the Hamptons do. Sounds like Teh Suck to me, but I get why the Clintons would.