Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Kids Today With Their Urban Living And Their Ipods And Their Hippity Hop

It's impossible to dislodge this attitude, even from many people who run the dam city.

Target, meanwhile, clearly sees the smaller-store format as a way to initiate contact with those apartment dwellers, many of whom may migrate to its traditional suburban turf as their families grow, Flickinger said.

"It's giving shoppers in high-opportunity markets like Philadelphia a good experience with TargetExpress, which ultimately will translate successfully to the suburban stores over time," he said.

Yah, yah, of course some people will move to the suburbs. And some people will move to California. And some more people will move in. I don't know anyone who is planning to move out as soon as they have kids. I know people with kids. All the local playgrounds (and we have a lot) are jammed with them on nice days.

Plenty of "olds" were living here before this latest recognition that people actually live here. Aside from the actual kids growing up on my block, I'm on the younger side of the age distribution.