Friday, June 19, 2015

What To Do About The Guns

As I have written many times before, when I am your benevolent dictator, I will in fact take all of your guns away. But absent that, count me as one who just doesn't think there's much we can do that would be deemed to be constitutional by the people who decide such things that would even help. Also it is the case the the gun control laws we do have are primarily used as an excuse to harass young black males with things like car searches and stop and frisk policies. What little gun control we do have in my glorious state is essentially limited (by the state) to the city of Philadelphia because you can guess why.

I can see why people like to hunt and shoot targets occasionally. The people who carry or stash them in their homes for "self defense" are, except for special circumstances, basically bonkers to me. The people who collect big semi-automatic guns or whatever we're supposed to call those big things that go pew pew pew really fast (gun nuts get really pedantic about this stuff and I don't give a shit), because it's a fetish or because they're planning on winning their standoff with the guvmint, are dangerous.

And, yes, guns kill people. Take away the guns and there would be fewer "accidental" deaths and fewer murders. All those stories of courageous people using their guns in genuine self defense never really seem to make it into the media for some reason. I blame this censorship on libturds.