Monday, July 20, 2015


The security precautions for the pope's visit are insane. They're crippling public transit, shutting down all of center city to any traffic, including vehicles which could be used to aid the movement of the elderly and disabled.

The Secret Service security answer seems to be "discourage people from coming at all." And people should be discouraged. You'd have to be nuts to try to show up.
Even SEPTA employees know they won't be able to easily get into and out of Center City amid the throngs when Pope Francis visits on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 26-27.

The people whose job it is to get people in and out won't be able to get in and out.
Throughout the city, there will be no shuttles for the elderly or disabled.

No worries, the Pope's fans are pretty much the same demographic as Taylor Swift fans.

Really just stay way. If city officials want to send different message they'd better start, because that's the message they're sending now. Just. Stay. Away.