Sunday, July 19, 2015


I get that people can be, for example, anti-gay marriage. I don't get why it's a major cause for nontrivial numbers of people. I actually do get why people people can be anti-choice, even if I completely disagree and think some of the reasons for being so are totally messed up. I get that people are pro-death penalty. I can read polls. I have no idea how it can actually be a major cause for some.
The State Legislature voted resoundingly in May to repeal capital punishment, but Mr. Stauffer and other proponents of the death penalty have begun a counterattack: They are collecting signatures in grocery stores, on doorsteps and at county fairs to try to block the new law and to force a statewide vote on whether the death penalty should be reinstated. And their effort is largely bankrolled by Gov. Pete Ricketts, a Republican, and his billionaire father.

This is what gets you out of bed on a weekend morning? I just don't understand.