Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I've been in other cities with high security mass events. They certainly weren't perfect, but they weren't like this.
Greyhound knows that its bus terminal at 10th and Filbert, which it also rents out to other bus lines like Peter Pan, has been designated part of a “highly-secured area” and will be closed “for several days,” said Greyhound’s Senior Communication Specialist Lanesha Gipson.

The terminal closure plan was news to representatives from some of the other bus lines that operate out of the station. When PlanPhilly asked Peter Pan’s Marketing Director, Kimberly Hailes, where that company would operate during the visit, she replied by email: “We depart and arrive into the Philadelphia Greyhound Bus Terminal,” as though the terminal was remaining open.

Can't drive here, can't realistically take public transit here, can't get around unless you can walk several miles, and can't expect any businesses in the entire city to manage to stay open because their workers won't be able to get here, either.