Sunday, September 13, 2015

Message: I Care

I don't agree with everything in this Milbank column, and the Al Gore/Earth tones thing is just something the DC press completely made up because why not (also, too, it was 15 years ago, Dana), but I do agree with this:
Here’s a better idea: Find and fire people who talk about her that way.

This (to me) isn't about Clinton, it's about any campaign staffers who talk to reporters in this way. I get that political candidates are basically a brand (hopefully more than that, but that too) and that there are people whose job it is to make it an awesome brand. But you don't make it an awesome brand by telling reporters about your branding strategy. You're shit at your job if that's what you're doing!

People who dish too much to campaign reporters are more interested in gossip than in doing their jobs. It's like saying we're going to put a new package on the product tomorrow, and that will change everything! Hey, maybe it will, but don't actually tell anybody what your plan is. Dont't give reporters a daily tour of the sausage factory!