Sunday, September 27, 2015

Your Laws Are To Blame For My Lawbreaking

I've noticed this more and more among the glibertarianish set, essentially claiming that lawbreaking is the fault of laws. It's telling where they tend to see problems with state power, and where they don't. When Eric Garner was killed by cops for selling Loosies, the problem wasn't overzealous police, the problem was laws against selling loosies. If only they weren't illegal, they couldn't have choked him! Of course, they could've choked him anyway, as we're all always resisting arrest if the cops decide we are, but for glibertarians the problem is always too many laws and regulations. If only murder was legal I wouldn't have committed a crime!

More generally, if one applies enough pretzel logic one can always blame The State for bad things (except cops, who are somehow not part of The State, unless they mildly inconvenience white people). In glibertarian utopia, there is no state. Why none of them actually forms Galtlandia somewhere, or moves to a welcoming place where state powers are somewhat curtailed by armed feudal powers, I'll never know...