Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Heckuva Job

If only there was someone whose job it was to run the school district, who had been on the job for several years, and who didn't have a severe funding shortage to blame for his failures.
Seven weeks into the school year, thousands of Philadelphia schoolchildren have yet to be assigned permanent teachers.

On top of a substitute-teaching predicament that leaves hundreds of jobs unfilled every day, the Philadelphia School District - with 190 vacancies - has created a crisis, "either through neglect or incompetence," union president Jerry Jordan said Monday.

At Northeast High School alone, 1,815 students are affected by 11 unfilled teaching jobs and three vacancies created by long-term medical leaves, most of which were known about months ago, officials said.

But the Philadelphia Daily News says shutupShutupShutUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP and let the Shitehead just do his job!!!

Heckuva job, People's Paper.