Sunday, October 04, 2015

I'm Wearing A Sweater Right Now It's Cold, Libturds

Any one weather event doesn't really say anything about climate change, but...
NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. — In scores of swift-water rescues Sunday, emergency agencies scrambled in steady rain to reach residents trapped by life-threatening floodwaters here as state officials urged residents not to travel.

As I've said before, my unexpert opinion on all of this stuff is that it's more likely to be costly than catastrophic, but...maybe really costly. I remember the ridiculously low numbers that were thrown around as HUGE by climate change deniers 15 years ago as for what it would cost to prevent it. Those numbers were probably wrong - too low - but they were also the numbers that the deniers were using because ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS sounded really huge.

And then we lit one trillion dollars on fire in Iraq and the Middle East. So funny, really. Not haha funny, really, especially not to the dead people, but, well, hey.