Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Oh No, Not the Prison Guard Training Program

What will Saudi Arabia do without the crucial prison guard training program?

LONDON — For more than a year, an asthmatic 74-year-old grandfather and former oil executive has sat in a prison in Jidda, Saudi Arabia, accused of violating the country’s strict prohibition on alcohol after the authorities found bottles of homemade wine in his car.


The British government said Tuesday that it was canceling a program to train prison officers in Saudi Arabia and that Prime Minister David Cameron would make a personal appeal for clemency, as Mr. Andree’s case continued to draw attention on social media.

Quite impressed by the fact that the reporter managed to not mention anything related to, say, this.
Since the conflict escalated in March the UK has issued 37 arms export licences for arms transfers to Saudi Arabia. The government has declined to tell parliament the details of these deals. It justifies the continued fuelling of the crisis on the grounds it has assurances from the Saudi government that its bombing campaign is in accordance with international law.

But that prison guard deal! It's off!