Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Happy to be wrong, but these "we'll get it right in a few years..." predictions are pretty much the norm.
Nissan Motor Co. showed a concept vehicle loaded with laser scanners, a 360 degree camera setup, a radar and computer chips so the car can "think" to deliver autonomous driving. The Japanese automaker called it IDS, which stands for "intelligent driving system."

Nissan, based in Yokohama, Japan, said it will offer some autonomous driving features by the end of next year in Japan. By 2018, it said vehicles with the technology will be able to conduct lane changes on highways. By 2020, such vehicles will be able to make their way through intersections on regular urban roads.

For some reason doubts about self-driving cars piss people off. Not sure why. As I said, happy to be wrong! But they won't work! Not as promised, anyway. Cruise control plus will work, but otherwise...