Tuesday, October 06, 2015

When The Music Stops

Most of you hate my crappy music suggestions. Sometimes Krgthulu gives them their blessing and that works because he's a Very Serious Person (ikeed). The internet allows us to see/hear bands we never would have otherwise, though it doesn't necessarily provide them with any money. I'm always sad when bands I like just fade away, suddenly not updating their sites, not touring, and of course not releasing any new music. So much good music (to me! suck it, haters) just fades away.

As an old, I fade in and out of being receptive to new stuff. But when I like something I try to do my little part to promote it.

As an example, there was a band I once liked a lot (and still do!). They went away. I think one of their members is now a massage therapist or something similar. There is nothing wrong with that. I hope this person has a happy and lucrative life. But this band was awesome. They never got rich. They never will get rich. They had to get day jobs. I feel bad about that.