Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"Foreign Policy"

I'm not sure which demon was tasked with getting me to sort of defend Ben Carson. He is pretty much an idiot about almost everything. But in America there is foreign policy and there is "foreign policy." The latter is a creation of the Foreign Policy Community, a production of the deep state and the State Department. It is an elaborate dance, a dictionary filled with code words, a labyrinth, a Matryoshka doll, a set of rituals dictated from above by the Council On Foreign Relations. It's how we condemn enemies with bad human rights records, and hold hands with allies who have even worse ones. It's how Russia can be good one day, and bad the next. It's how Saudi Arabia is our buddy, and Venezuela is history's greatest monster. It's how we can call Assad a reformer one day, try to get rid of him the next, and then become his buddy again. It's alchemy. It's Chinatown.