Monday, November 30, 2015

Not Interested In Your Club

This post contains no deep thoughts, but I've really never understood the "New Atheist" movement generally. I grew up without religion. All evangelism sounds pretty ridiculous to me. I don't feel any need to convince people of the existence of supernatural beings. I also don't feel any need to convince people of the lack of them. More importantly, I don't think that we godless types actually lack our own superstitions. Not subscribing to or identifying with any existing religious creed/organization does not mean that all of our deeply held beliefs are rooted in RATIONALITY. That's silly too. I admit I don't really I get why people subscribe to one religion over another, but I also don't get why some self-described atheists (and I am a self-described atheist or agnostic or whatever I don't really care) think their concept of everything is somehow based on things we KNOW. We don't actually know that much. Yes, for example, Christianity seems to be pretty silly to me, but I don't claim that my framework for the universe is all that solid either.

I don't think atheism needs to be rescued, I just don't know why people need to be assholes about this stuff. And, no, saying something "seems to be pretty silly" isn't actually being an asshole unless your feefees are way too tender. Happy for people to say atheism "seems to be pretty silly." Just don't ask me to say Christian grace before lunch, like my 5th grade public school teacher did.