Monday, November 02, 2015

Rocketed to the SKY!

It's funny how everyone in the GOP clown car at least gets a turn at being taken seriously due to their "star turns" and when their poll number zoom all the way to...13%. It was Rubio's turn, so that's the story.

Also Chris Christie is a big winner because he went up all the way to... 5%. Feel the Christiementum! Another 15 or so debates might do it, if they weren't canceling them all.

I'm no Lessig fan (really, not at all), but the Dems can't even get the media to take 4 candidates seriously. Actually, they can barely get them to take 2 candidates seriously.

I expect soon we'll get a "Jeb's back!" storyline if he acts Butch enough - they're the Daddy party after all - and then it'll be someone else's turn. The press declares a winner, and then pretends a tiny increase in support happened because the candidate had a great week, and not because the press declared they had a great week.

Nice work.

...guess I was 30 seconds early. Lessig's out. Also, too, should have phrased it as "the media isn't willing to" not "the Dems can't." If we define "the Dems" as "the DNC," they weren't interested either.