Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Kids Today

It has come to my attention that the greatest threat to free speech in this glorious country of ours comes from a few black college kids. This threat is so looming and so large, so large and so looming, that 9 billion think pieces were written on this large and looming threat before the censorship began and the free speech was taken away.

Anyway, without getting too deep into all of the details, I'm a bit confused by the fact that no one remembers The Kids In Their Day. Nothing much has changed. Some college kids are socially active. They often focus on the things they know about and the things they might have some influence over. You know, their university. This is actually smart, not silly.

It is true that sometimes kids do silly things, because they're kids. Adults sometimes do silly things, too, because they're people. Sometimes adults do silly things like invade other countries and kill lots of innocent people for no good reason. Sometimes they are real threats to free speech! Silly adults! Sometimes adults actually have power, unlike the kids.

There were "silly" protests in my day too, sometime back in the late Simelszoic era. I don't know why no one remembers this. It isn't new. It only got massive media attention, when, say, Amy Carter was doing something "silly" because she was Amy Carter, but Amy Carter wasn't the lone gunman. I guess there was a bit of attention when a few silly kids got themselves shot to death in Ohio, too. Silly kids!

For some reason it's always the kids who are punching up, however clumsily, who get all the media attention and who are a grave and large and looming threat to all of the freedoms we hold dear. Those conservative kids and their affirmative action bake sales are making a serious point that no one has ever made before, after all.