Wednesday, November 04, 2015

What Issues?

I am certainly not going to claim that the influence of The Big Money on politics is not an issue (tho I do think it's a largely unsolvable whack-a-mole problem in which "solutions" are often potentially more problematic than the status quo), but still I ask... what issues?

We have a long history of goo-goos thinking that if only they reform the process then good governance will lead us to utopia. But you still have to spell out the utopia. Exactly what policies are being thwarted by The Big Money? What issues are you going to solve by solving the money problem, even if it's solvable? What policies would be supported by a majority+ if not for The Big Money?

I am not saying there are no answers to this question. I can think of some plausibly true ones. But that's how you make it appealing. "We would have X, if only we had campaign finance reform. We would have Y, if only we had campaign finance reform." Ok. What are X and Y? Is that really true? Tell me what the rich bastards did or caused not to happen today.