Friday, November 13, 2015

Who Gives A F***

I'm one who thinks there's a continuum between informal spoken English and perfect grammar formal writing. This blog is evidence of that! I aim to be understood, and to write in a conversational style. That doesn't excuse glaring typos or obviously atrocious grammar (I do plenty of both!) but sometimes I actually make deliberate "mistakes" because I think they make the text more readable. Real talk: split infinitives are quite often the way to go. Any time I doubt this I read it aloud to myself and reach that conclusion. Maybe I'd be less inclined to split those bastards if I were doing more formal writing, but often failing to split them just reduces ease of readability. Those adverbs belong after the "to," and as James T. Kirk has demonstrated, in the future this will be proper.

But, hey, to each his own. This is a sucky blog not formal writing. As long as I'm understood I'm happy.

The one "grammar debate" I don't get is the Oxford Comma debate. Of course there should be one. There's no argument for leaving them out, and a million obvious ones for including them. There is no debate. Include it, barbarians.