Friday, November 06, 2015

Who Would Mind?

I have no desire to start an argument about what the "real Philly" is. It's big city, both geographically and population-wise, and while I think there are some things which are characteristically Philly, that doesn't mean that other parts of the city aren't real. Still I think it's the case that for a long time the political leadership has focused on greater Center City (an ever-expanding concept, to be sure) as a place for tourists and business, while failing to notice that a lot of people actually live there, especially once you expand the "greater" concept a bit. It's one reason I'm a bit optimistic about the soon to be mayor.

Just one day after winning the election for mayor with a whopping 85 percent of the vote, Jim Kenney announced that he’ll be riding the subway to work in City Hall, at least some of the time.

The incoming mayor says it’s a way for him to stay in touch with the city, its neighborhoods and his South Philly roots.

It's unclear if the Broad Street Line will be an everyday thing for the former city councilman. Talking to reporters at Andrew Jackson Elementary School in South Philadelphia, Kenney produced a subway token from his pocket.

“I told the potential police commissioner that I want people on my protective detail who don’t mind public transit,” Kenney said. “Since I was nominated in May, people stop me and say ‘What are you doing on the subway?’ and I say ‘Going to work.”