Thursday, December 17, 2015

Don't Think It's The First Time

This is from memory which by this point is full of holes, but my MEMORY is that the annoying interweb ads thing has gone through a few cycles. They get increasingly annoying and then there's a backlash combined with some technology which starts to suppress them and then advertisers pull back...until they come up with new extra annoying ads which slowly pollute the web... rinse, repeat.
This won’t happen quickly. Ads have been getting increasingly annoying for years; they’re not going to suddenly become demure and well-behaved overnight. But, for the first time since the web was invented, 2016 will be a year when adtech is forced into retreat.

Maybe it's the first cycle for mobile ads, but not the interwebs in general.

Advertisers pay more for annoying ads and presumably get much less. Find me one human who has purchased anything after being seduced by the joys that can only be provided by an auto-on audio/video ad?