Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Get Out There And Rock And Roll The Bones

I started writing this blog with the hope that I might be able to influence the world in some small way. I actually think I've managed to do that much more than I could have ever hoped to. Not claiming that I am now actually your benevolent dictator, just that any influence greater than zero would be a victory. Who knew crazy people could set up Weblogs and once in awhile have an impact. Once in awhile I (we) have, I think.

But the point of this post is actually the opposite. This blog exists for many other reasons now. Admittedly one is that it's my primary income source! In addition, it's sustained by, and sustained for, the active community. I do it all for you bastards, more or less. Still there are limits to how much ranting on the internets can change the world. So we (and I mean we, including me!), should occasionally think about doing more. Changing the world is hard work.