Friday, December 11, 2015

The Parking People

Here in the urban hellhole people make it very hard to build anything that resembles the urban hellhole. I'm not entirely against people who are looking out for their self-interest, but for years the parking people preferred row houses with front facing garages to ones without. That means that people who were concerned that new development (mostly just replacing existing uninhabitable homes) would take away parking for the neighborhood actually advocated for plans which would take away parking for the neighborhood. A garage requires a curb cut. A curb cut takes away a public parking space and replaces it with a private one. The parking people liked this because they don't understand how things work. On most issues I don't subscribe to the "people are stupid" idea. I tend to think we just disagree about stuff. I disagree with people who think more parking is always important, but that's fine. What isn't fine is that the parking people actually advocate for development that takes away parking. I just don't get it.