Thursday, January 07, 2016

Gun Gropers

I had a college friend how somehow transitioned from being a VW slamvan owning, potsmoking, long-haired retro hippie to being a Limbaugh-worshiping conservatarian over the course of college. The early 90s were weird. Republicans were cool, liberals were losers. After college he transitioned into being a concealed carry guy. I think (not sure) he got mugged at some point and it freaked him out. He needs the gun to protect himself and his family.

He's a nice guy, personally kind and generous. But somewhere along the way he developed the sense that society was giving the good stuff to Others, and he was getting screwed, and that he had to defend himself against those Others. I don't think he became a bad guy, but he definitely became a less fun guy. Something darkened his world, and as far as I know (haven't seen him in a few years) he never quite came back from it.