Saturday, January 02, 2016

Inside the Minds of Gun Gropers

I read too much of the internet and I can't remember where I saw this, but somewhere there was a discussion of people carrying guns and some self-proclaimed liberal made the argument that the fact that he carries a gun makes it less likely for violent situations to escalate because the fact that he has a gun and knows he has a gun means that the price of escalation is too high. The example he gave was that if someone bumped his supermarket cart he would de-escalate the situation because if he didn't then the fact that he has a gun could lead to things getting out of hand.

Okay, so, uh, what the hell? I don't go through life worrying about whether someone bumping my supermarket cart might lead to violence. I don't go through life worrying about any situation leading to violence. I don't think I have since my drunken frat boy days when, yes, I knew people who liked to get drunk and fight. If someone bumps my supermarket cart I assume it's an accident and maybe they say excuse me or maybe we just smile and nod and go our merry way but whatever it's just a supermarket cart bumping and what the hell? I don't think every interaction with other humans - even if they piss me off - might lead to a violent confrontation. Because I'm not a rageaholic and assume most people aren't? I don't need to carry my detachable death penis to make me behave?

What the fucking fuck.