Saturday, January 02, 2016

Let's Arse It Up Some More

If only there was a simple and effective existing program which worked really well that we could make more generous. Maybe we could call it Social Security? No, we must create an entirely new plan because fucking hell I have no idea.

There is a retirement crisis. There's a simple fix. Make current and future social security benefits more generous, and lift the income cap on contributions. I have no idea why people think that adding an exciting new plan which is basically the same as an existing plan but it is new! and exciting! is progress. Social Security is awesome. Build on it. Until then, everyone get ready to take care of your parents (or, for parents, get ready to beg your kids to take care of you).

Social Security is popular with everybody except DC-centric pundits and journalists. Pretty sure it'll be popular with most of them once they near 65ish, too. But it makes Fred Hiatt, History's Greatest Monster, have a sad, so nobody has the guts to propose the obvious thing. MOOOOOOAAARRRR SOCIAL SECURITY.