Friday, January 29, 2016

That's Your Job, Professional Democrats

I've written about this before, but to me one of the weirdest things is when people in professional politics lash out at people who don't bother to vote. I mean, ok, it's one thing for the rest of us to say "vote, assholes!" but it isn't actually our job to get people to vote. People get paid immense amount of money to get people to the polls. Saying "people suck" or "liberals suck" or "young people suck" because they don't vote might make you feel better about your failure, but it's your failure. There are ways to get people out to vote. Promoting bland candidates who blur the differences instead of accentuating the distinctions doesn't work very well. Failing to nationalize congressional elections doesn't work very well. Republicans nationalize every election. Wonder why Dems don't vote in non-presidential years? Could be because you aren't telling them why they should vote. Kodos might be better than Kang, but you have to tell people why.