Sunday, January 31, 2016


It was funny watching all of the very serious pundits be in denial about the Trump candidacy. Yes we're all familiar with the past history of Republican primaries, where every candidate seemed to get their turn being the "frontrunner." Basically, the one who Republicans thought was pissing off liberals the most that day would get a poll boost that would last for about a week and then McCain or Mittens would rise to the top. Fiorina did it this cycle with her baby-killing Democrats schtick, but that's all she had. She couldn't keep bringing it.

But Trump kept bringing it. And once he rose to the top, he stayed there. All of the many "ZOMG TRUMP SAID SOMETHING MEAN ABOUT JOHN MCCAIN HE'S DOOMED NOW" moments were hilarious.

I wouldn't have predicted Trump's success at the beginning, but after a few weeks of polls it was pretty clear that he had a good chance.