Monday, February 29, 2016

Is Rubio Preznit Yet?

I'm repeating myself here, but while I don't claim to have initially predicted Trump's success, after he was up in the polls consistently for a couple of months it was ridiculous to pretend he didn't have a pretty good chance. I know many in the press just wanted to believe (for whatever reasons) that he was the flavor of the week. In 2012 basically everbody in the clown car had a moment of being flavor the week. But this time the press kept trying to manufacture them. You know, Fiorina SURGES to EIGHT POINTS in the polls! In 5th place, she's the one to beat! If we say it enough, it will come true!

But Trump's been ahead the whole time. The only genuine flavor of the week was Ben Carson. Good for his grift, but he wasn't going to challenge the Donald.