Tuesday, March 15, 2016

History's Greatest Monsters

Much of Philly has very narrow streets. It's an old city by American standards. Billy Penn laid out the street grid long before we decided to give half of our streets over to mostly free car storage. But the mostly free car storage isn't enough. People (especially delivery vehicles, but not just) double park. In some places this is merely annoying, but where it isn't annoying is on bus routes. The buses cannot pass. Therefore people on the buses, likely 40 or so, cannot move. It also means the cars behind the buses cannot move. For some reason we tend to care more about the latter than the former, even though it usually involves fewer people, but both bus riders and drivers are inconvenienced. The drivers tend to blame the buses, because they're the big ass vehicles that are blocking their paths, but the buses aren't to blame. It's the people who illegally double park screwing shit up for everyone. Sure the city should probably provide more loading zone spaces, and it has done that to some extent, but of course people illegally park in the loading zones, too, then complain about their traffic tickets.