Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I Read The News Today Oh Boy

Got up this morning and flipped on the shower radio to hear some security muckity muck (former CIA? NSA? didn't quite catch it) talking about how Europe needs to increase its border controls and share more intelligence. Then I realized something had happened. The bombings in Brussels are horrible. I used to live close to that subway station. But calling for more border controls in the Schengen Treaty area is like calling for more border controls between the states. Once you think about it that way, you realize how ridiculous it is. Is a passport check between Pennsylvania and Delaware really going to stop terrorism? Also, too, no one actually knows who did this yet. Maybe they were Belgian citizens or legal residents! Pretty sure border controls aren't going stop them!

Also have heard calls for more airport security, like moving the security out front. Airports are symbolic targets, but they aren't the only places that have crowds (see, for example, Paris terrorist attacks). People who are willing to blow stuff up and are either willing to blow themselves up or don't much care if they are caught are going to find targets. No security can stop that, just divert it. We have airport security (mostly stupid, but still) to stop plane hijackings/bombings. You can't stop people from blowing stuff up in the lobby any more than you can stop people from blowing up stuff in your local mall. If people want to do it, they're going to.

The deep security state will inform us that if only we give them the tools (and the money, of course the money) they'll stop this stuff. Strangely, they never stop this stuff.