Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Left Is Always Wrong

I'm much more of a Lefty than I used to be, but also retain enough of my economist brainwashing roots that I'm not going to be joining the communist party any time soon (this is a joke, The Left in America is not communist). I'm much more of a Lefty sympathizer than a Lefty (though a bit of both) because in a system where compromise tends to rule, it's important to pull that compromise position to the Left.

I'm struck by how everything The Left does is wrong. Not just in terms of policy, but tactics. Running a third party candidate is wrong (I actually agree with this generally!), running in a major party primary is wrong, protesting is wrong, protesting the wrong way is wrong, not protesting is wrong, having a journal of important Lefty ideas is wrong, not catering to the feefees of Real Americans is wrong, proposing legislation is wrong, objecting to racism and sexism is wrong. There's a longer list, I'm sure, but self-styled "moderates" chastise Lefties no matter what they do. Given that The Left might be represented by about 5 people in Congress (I made that number up, it's probably not even that large), it's pretty silly.