Friday, March 18, 2016

The Youngs Are Stupid

I don't care who you vote for in this primary. As I'm someone sympathetic to The Left I'm somewhat sympathetic to Bernie, who currently is The Left, but I think there are good reasons to vote for both Clinton and Sanders. I'm sympathetic to The Left because many years of watching this stuff (cough Obama cough) has taught me if you want to end up in the mythical center you'd better start on the left. But I have zero interest in advocating for either candidate.

Besides being sympathetic to The Left, I'm sensitive to how The Left is treated by the press and basically all of our mainstream institutions. Like crap. That might be ok if The Right were treated similarly, but they aren't. The Right are always treated with deference, and their nutcases of the week are always given glowing profiles in all of our mainstream news outlets.

Anyway, my related pet peeve is the way the youngs are talked about these days. Have you heard about these millienials? Or these hipsters? We're not sure who they are or how old they are but they're young and ridiculous and stupid! They're youngs! They're all so poor because they're lazy and just want a medal for leaving their parents' basements!!! And their ipods and their saggy and/or skinny jeans and their hippity hop!

The merger of these things is how Sanders supporters are treated with contempt because they are young. They must be stupid! They've never even voted before! Um, ok. I'm seeing more of this from, if not actual Clinton campaign people, those who could reasonably described as surrogates (prominent people who might not have a campaign role, but not internet randos). Stop telling the kids to get off the lawn. It isn't going to help your cause.