Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Morning Thread

Our Fate Is Your Fate, a compilation of blog posts from the writers at First Draft, put together by our very own Athenae. It's now available for purchase. I have my copy, but haven't had a chance to read it yet. That's today's assignment and am I looking forward to it.

First Draft is home to a team of talented writers who get up every day and take a look at what’s broken in the world and try to fix it. It’s the virtual living room for hundreds of readers: politically savvy, mouthy, generous, profane and interesting people who want to know not just what’s wrong with the world but what to do about it. This book collects some of our best stories from the past 10 years: Bush's re-election and subsequent implosion, Scout's reporting from NOLA after Hurricane Katrina, Holden's story about Terri Schiavo and his sister, my final Galactica thread, the Freepi obsession the morning after Obama's election, a malaka or two, and Jude's gumbo recipe.

Probably worth it just for the gumbo recipe.