Friday, April 08, 2016

The World, It Changes

My needing to jump start a car reminded me of the deep dark ages of the mid 1990s. I was supposed to pick up a friend at the airport pretty late at night. Maybe 11ish. My car would not start! I don't remember what was wrong with it. I think something more serious than a dead battery. But, anyway, I couldn't pick up my friend. More than that, there was no good way to contact him and tell him I could not pick him up. We did not have the cell phones then. There was some minor chance I could've reached him by calling the airport, but unlikely. It was late on what I think was a Sunday night, and as I was a student I didn't know that many people with cars, so I just didn't show up. It was fine, he took a cab and made it home, but I still felt like a jerk. Always being able to contact people really has changed things.