Tuesday, May 03, 2016

All Hail Trump

With his big Indiana win he's basically won this thing. As I've written before, I doubt (don't remember, but doubt it) I predicted his success when he first entered the race. I likely thought "no chance." But after a few months of him being ahead in basically every poll all available information at the time told us he was the likely candidate. Things can change, of course, so it wasn't as if in December his candidacy was inevitable. Still, if you were going to place a bet at the time you should have placed it on Trump.

All of the professional pundits kept telling us that Trump couldn't win. They kept pushing Rubio as inevitable and Kasich as the serious moderate and Fiorina because she didn't gnaw off her own foot at a kiddie table debate and whoever else was the seemingly agreed upon favorite of the week with their 6% poll numbers. Trump was actually ahead, always.