Monday, May 23, 2016


Microsoft decided to automatically install Windows 10 on one of the Atrios household computers. Fortunately I knew how to roll it back right away. Asshole company is well aware of all of the problems this can cause for people, even aside from just not wanting a new operating system. If you run a small business and it nukes your payroll and accounting program (this kind of thing happens) you're pretty screwed.

I gather 10 isn't as bad as 8, in which Microsoft decided that what everyone wanted from their desktop computer was a tablet they couldn't carry with them and couldn't do any work on, but don't do this shit without my permission.

And don't get my started on Apple "we make it shittier every 6 months and planned obsolescence is our business model" products... At least Microsoft users complain about their products. Go to an unofficial Apple support forum and responses to problems are usually either "it's supposed to work that way" (oh, as a doorstop!) or "you must have done something wrong!" That Apple has to regularly release bug fixes (usually after much complaining) should clue these people into the fact that sometimes things are actually Apple's fault...