Monday, May 30, 2016


I don't expect the vote to support it, but if it does I do hope the rest of the EU tells them to fuck right the fuck off. The UK already gets pretty special treatment and they're always whining for more. Essentially they want the benefits without any of the rules. I'm not saying no case for exiting exists, just that the "we want it both ways" attitude is pretty childish.

And, yes, like all international institutions the EU is a flawed one which can never represent all of its member nations equally and fairly, but the UK is one of those extra extra special countries that more than gets what it wants, usually. The ECB and monetary union as implemented is a disaster, but the UK stayed out of that.

In any case, breaking up is hard to do. This breakup would be a big mess, one which can't be fixed by David Cameron holding up a boombox over his head by the window of the EU parliament.