Sunday, May 22, 2016

Do You Really Believe This Shit?

It's my fault for reading too much of the internet, but I read so many stupid arguments on behalf of Your Favorite Candidate that I can't believe that a) people are stupid enough to make them and b) people are stupid enough to think that they'll persuade anybody.

Especially when this primary has been over for more than a month. Yes Sanders is still in it, as Clinton stayed in it in 2008, and I don't think that latter fact means that either he or his campaign are off limits for criticism (any more than I think Clinton's inevitable nomination implies that she or her campaign are off limits). But mostly I don't get what people are arguing about anymore. Clinton won. It's over. I'd say stop trying to persuade people to vote for Your Favorite Candidate (whoever that is), except nobody is much interested in doing that anyway. They're just interested in being right on the internet, even though people are mostly embarrassingly stupid about the whole thing. Butthurt and derp don't win elections. Butthurt and derp aren't going to help you persuade people when it might actually help.

Engaged people, the type that spend time blathering about politics on the internet, know why they made their choice. You aren't going to change their minds. More than that, there's no point in trying. Can someone send out that batsignal or something and let people know the primary is over? We have a winner.