Friday, May 27, 2016

He Did Win The Primary

Not to throw too much cold water on the post below, but Trump did win the primary. Sure any dumbass with bit of luck can fall backwards into a seat in the House, but I've decided that people who manage to to ascend to higher offices - governor, senator, presidential nominee - must be smart enough to do something right. At the very least you have to be smart enough to fend off the several other dumbasses who wouldn't mind being senator, too. Whatever Trump's got, he's got something, and even if he has no idea what the job of president is, or how to manage (or hire the right people to manage) a campaign, he still managed to get this far. You don't need to have the Greatest Show on Earth to impress Morning Joseph. I think Joseph's level of sophistication is basically Homer Simpsonish, but you don't run for president with the media I want, you run for president with the media we have, and even if they're completely willing partcipants, Trump knows how to bully them onto the tire swing.