Monday, May 16, 2016

He's A Very Devout Man

You can't be telling me that religious social conservative leaders are just conservative Republicans with a particular grift who have been feeding lines to the gullible press for years and are willing to suck up to any "conservative" in power?
Activists and leaders in the social conservative movement, after spending most of the past year opposing and condemning Donald J. Trump, are now moving to embrace his candidacy and are joining the growing number of mainstream Republicans who appear ready to coalesce around the party’s presumptive nominee.

Though their support for Mr. Trump is often qualified, this change of heart is one of the more remarkable turns in an erratic and precedent-defying Republican campaign. It reflects the sense among many Republicans that, flawed as they may see him, the thrice-married billionaire is preferable to the alternative.
It is truly remarkable! I must rethink everything I thought I knew until this moment!